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Top 14 gifts ideas for Valentine’s day (the cheesiest celebration of the year) !

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Top 14 gifts ideas for Valentine’s day (the cheesiest celebration of the year) !

Yes we know it, Valentine’s day is the most commercial and cheesy day of the year. But still, you will have to bring something, anything, just to celebrate love on this particular day.


1.Valentine’s nuts set

Express how their love drives you nuts!

This Valentine’s set: Fine selection of nuts in an original pot – wood pattern.




2. Chocolate fountain

Never run out of chocolate!

This Valentine’s day, your favorite kind of chocolate will keep on melting for you making you night sweeter by the minute.





3.Puzzle Challenge.

Making your loved one know how much they matter to you with this challenging puzzle, to find the missing piece and its right place is surely a hard thing!



4.Chopsticks with Silicone Hearts for automatic use.

Sushi in love!



5.Wood Sign – Asking gently!



6.Chocolate fondue

Some people are worth melting for!

This Valentine’s melt with your loved ones over this cute chocolate fondue filled with lindt chocolate, adding a plate of marshmallows and fruits.




7.Matchbox cars 

When he’s more passionate, sometimes, about the car and it drives you crazy!



8.Custom Set

Design them as you please and as you unique as they can be!



9.Heart Shaped Lamp

You turn me ON and light up my world!

It’s a win win situation.



10.Plant pot

Because where there is love there is life.




11.‘Love birds’ cushions

Getting comfortable next to you.


12.Heart Shaped Umbrella

A rain of love, making rainy days more colorful and optimistic!

splash-love-heart-shaped-umbrella-in-red-p229-1268_image (1)


13.Chocolate Fondue 

Let’s be sweet together!

fondue 2

14.Heart Shaped Gift Boxes

All there is to be given fits nicely in the shape of your heart wrapped up!

heart box


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