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15 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for Christmas other than chocolate bars !

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15 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas for Christmas other than chocolate bars !

1. Waterproof speakers

The only way to know if your singing is right in the shower.

Follow the beat, let the show begin.


2. World’s map

To the one who has already travelled half the world,

and the other one who would love to, one day.


3. Chocolate fountain machine

It’s raining chocolate, Hallelujah.

And it will keep raining until you turn it off!


4. Candy Machine

Because we all have this one friend who can’t get enough of candy.

And all what’s still missing is the machine!


5. Usb fridge

Keep cool, and your drink cooler, no matter what.

Usb fridge

6. Chocolate headphones

Chocolate is not a taste anymore, it is a sound, a feeling.

Indulge yourself or beloved ones with a chocolate sound experience very unique, very intense.


7. Miniature basket ball

Aim high, Score, take the mini break you need, and get back to work!


8. Happy Christmas Squared mugs

Enjoy the warm cup of tea/coffee this winter with an originality in design, colors, and shape!


9. Emoji slippers

Keep your/their feet warm this winter, having the coolest attitude of all.


10. Mini baby foot

The best desk decoration, for the football lover.

Boost your/their mood up while working.


11. Portable mini barbecue

To have a mini barbecue wherever you go, is all you can ask Santa this year.


12. christmas Mugs

Another selection of cute mugs, with their 3D characters, will make perfect gifts this Christmas, lasting many winters to come!


13. Big Mugs

Rudolf and M. Snowman will keep you company the whole season making your hot drink lasts longer, and will help you get warmer.


14. Christmas Mug

The wide variety of mugs available for the season will leave you warm and speechless.

But you will surely find what you came for!


15. The crazy mug

And who said snowmen can’t have fun?

For the crazy friend who wouldn’t stand still, wish them a head over heels Christmas this year!


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