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5 Creative Things You’d Find At Our Store

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5 Creative Things You’d Find At Our Store

I’ve been scratching my brain to find things to share about our store and I’ve decided to share 5 weird and creative things you’d find at our shops.

1. Number One: The Planets Cushions.

This goes for all geography lovers out there. We got just the right thing for you! Our significant planet cushions that are out of this world *pun intended*! From Mercury all the way to Pluto, you can find them at any of our branches.1


2. Number Two: The Pica-boo Elephant Plush.

Let’s face it, elephants are already one of the cutest animals out there, but an elephant that can sing and play with you? That goes beyond the word cute. With its dancing ears and music, the pica-boo elephant is bound to woo your child (or adult, we don’t judge) away. Not only does it sing and dance, but alongside that, it can play with you as well. Adorable, am I right?




 3. Number Three: Scratch Maps.

Exploring the world is one of the fundamental things that a person should do in his life, and this scratch map is perfect for achieving it. This goes to all my adventurous friends out there, and as one of our customers once said: “ Ktiir bet7amis lal safar!” , and it does , indeed.



4.Number Four : A4 Playing Cards.

Yes, you heard right (or technically speaking, you read). No more “ I’m too old I can barely see the numbers” excuse because we’ve got this one covered. Our A4 playing cards! I mean the idea itself is peculiar that it makes you wonder if it’s actually real. Well, it is and you can find it at our store! Eventually, it’s all about how you play your hands *wink wink*.



 5. Number Five: Space Egg Shapers.

This is the ultimate  “pimping” for food. A lot of people don’t really know how to cook, but it doesn’t take a genius to fry an egg. These egg shapers are perfect for this occasion and can help you add a little twist to your breakfast.  There’s a saying in that goes “ The Eye Eats Before The Mouth “ , and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a rocket for breakfast?



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