Barbie Pizza Chef Doll & Playset

Barbie Pizza Chef Doll & Playset

Young foodies can cook up fun with Barbie doll and this pizza-making playset


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Young foodies can cook up fun with Barbie doll and this pizza-making playset. Create your own pizzas using red, white and brown dough: a pizza press creates realistic dough holes and a topping tool twists for cheese-like pizza topping. Send a pizza in a pan (personal size or one to share) down the moving conveyor belt to the "oven"; remove with the wide spatula; cut with the pizza "cutter"; and serve up with the spatula. Drinks complete the meal, and a pizza box plays out to-go orders. Barbie® doll is ready to serve up a tasty meal in an outfit with a checked skirt and a pink visor.

'- Cook up fun with a pizza play set that comes with Barbie® doll, an oven with creative working features and all the ingredients to make, "bake" and serve pizza, including three different colors of dough!

- Use the included dough -- white, beige and red -- to create pizza in a few, easy steps: place the beige and red dough into the pizza press and flatten for the pizza crust and sauce; move it along the conveyor belt by sliding the lever to the next station; fill the toppings shredder with white dough and turn the hand crank to sprinkle "cheese" onto the pizza; then slide the lever again to move the pizza into the oven!

- When it's "baked" long enough, slide it out with the pizza slider and cut it up with the slicer!

- Use the spatula to serve slices on the 2 green plates or send the whole pie out in a pizza box!

- Take orders and payment at the register that sits on the counter under the menu.

- Store accessories in the shelf below the conveyor belt or the mini-fridge below the counter -- the door opens and closes!