Battleship Drinking Game


Battleship Drinking Game

 The perfect party piece for any pirate in the making


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Yo ho ho and a bottle rum! Battle Ships for grown-ups has arrived in the form of this devilishly cheeky Shipwrecked Drinking Game!
This two-player shipwrecked themed drinking game is the perfect party piece for any pirate in the making. Simply set up your board like the classic game Battleships, but instead of plastic galleons, this Drinking Game reinvents naval warfare – getting you wrecked in the process!
Complete with four shot glasses per player, put your shot glasses in secret locations around the board, then take turn guessing the location of your opponent’s glasses. Just like many pirates in ages gone by – as soon as your opponent hits your ship you take a shot of rum (or any other seafaring liquor!) Then whoever has the last remaining ship wins the game!
So if you choose to accept this mission, use your best game face and keep your wits about you to avoid getting sunk – and completely tanked! But remember – unlike pirates, please drink responsibly!