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Drink Like A Fish Drinking Game


Product Description

Drink Like a Fish Drinking Game is a great activity for a night in drinking with your friends or if you’re pregaming before going out. All you have to do is choose a liquor for each color-coded shot glass, then go fishing for one of the magnetic tags. No matter which glass you get, you’ll be satisfied with every catch. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “drink like a fish”. This game is sure to win over fishing enthusiasts everywhere. They won’t be able to help themselves the next time they’re out to sea with a few beers. The Drink Like a Fish Drinking Game makes each catch a keeper no matter what. It’s time to really drink like a fish! No Bait Necessary, Just Liquor. Fill up the color-coordinated shot glasses with liquor, cast your reel out into the sea of magnetic fish and see what message you receive. It’s a fun and random way to drink with your friends as a pre-game or a fisherman’s fantasy! Get yours today! Includes: 6 shot glasses with colored decals, 24 colored fish with drinking instructions, 1 magnetic fishing rod, and 1 fishing boat.

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