Width: 27   -   Height: 6
Length: 27

Guess who is the Mystery Princess of Asmodeus! 


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Guess who is the Mystery Princess of Asmodeus! A game that will delight all passionate princesses! To play, you have to draw a card and have your classmates guess the identity of the mystery princess by miming, singing or imitating the princess in question! A game reserved for specialists who compete with imagination and creativity to make their card guess. With all the princess accessories included, the girls have fun slipping into the shoes of their favorite heroines and learning to play by the rules of a game.

2 to 4 players.

Contains: 4 tiaras, 4 rings, 4 bracelets, 1 heart shaped decoder gem, 40 jewels, 200 cards, 1 rule of the game.

Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 6 cm