Rectangular Swimming Pool


Rectangular Swimming Pool

Width: 160   -   Height: 65
Length: 260

Family Garden Pool


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This rectangular paddling pool is the ideal size and depth for use when introducing children to swimming in a pool for the first time. The quality metal frame design of this pool gives it great stability and strength, the sides will not collapse like similar inflatable ring type pools.

This pool does not come with a filter pump, however, the connection points are fitted to the swimming pool liner and are fitted with blanking plugs if they are not required. If the pool is to be left up for a reasonable length of time we recommend adding a filter pump to circulate and filter the pool water, pool chemicals will also be required to maintain the water.

This rectangular frame pool can also be used as a holding tank for pond fish for when a pond is being cleaned out or is having work carried out where fish need to be removed.

size 260*160*65 cm

2,282L water (603gal)