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Everythink is a family business (The mum is the owner, the son is the manager, the daughter is criticizing everything and the dad is paying the salaries) that is the outcome of 25 hardworking years in the business of gifts and things you need.

This year we are renewing our concept into a “bricks and clicks” shop that will change the concept of gifts in Lebanon. In addition to the family ambiance, it’s an online/offline fun shop, which changes every time you walk through its doors. Every time you enter our website, it will be like you will be walking into a different world. You will find it almost impossible not to buy anything. You’ll never leave empty handed and be back before you know it. It has everything, literally! (Except plates, computers, microwaves, cucumbers …). You can buy a great present, kids toys, school bags, stationery, headbands, books, as well as extremely random items such as lamp posts.

M. Achkar