Abalone Nouvelle Edition FR

Abalone Nouvelle Edition FR

 A game of reflection and logic


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Abalone is a game of reflection and logic that invites you to try to get out of a hexagonal plateau six balls of your opponent by pushing them with yours.

Players can perform one action (or move) per turn.

In turn, you will be able to move one to three balls from your side to one or more free spaces in the same direction. Calculate your shots well, because any movement made can not be modified!

New design modernizing the codes of the essential game.

The box contains 28 balls (14 black and 14 white), 1 hex game board and a rule of the game.

- For 2 players.

- Duration of the game: about 20 minutes.

- Age: from 7 years

- Number of players: 2 players

- Playing time: 30 min