Card Game: 3a Kaaba


Card Game: 3a Kaaba

Le3be ma 2ela 7doud, hadafa tghayyir l mood eza bet haytin btokhsar, bterbah l kell bto2har... Lebnan!  


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For this holiday season, we've teamed up with Quickies, to come up with "3a ka3ba", a game that tickles your brain and invites you to show your funny and not-so-funny side.

Grab your friends, open the cards one by one, explore the five different gameplays, and try to have the corniest, cheesiest replies in order to win the card in question.

Make sure you're always one step ahead and ready with your witty and well-placed "comment" in order to avoid receiving the "haytin" coins.

At the end, the person with the most cards and least haytin coins wins the game.

Box Contains: 

  • Rulebook
  • 40 Aa nasa2a cards
  • 50 Abjadiye cards 
  • 20 Ana b2oul ma fik cards
  • 35 Bala so2ale cards
  • 50 Yaatik el afye
  • 195 cards in total
  • 50 haytin coins