Card Game: Enta Bta3refne 3 Editions


Card Game: Enta Bta3refne 3 Editions

Do You Really Know Your Family, Lover, or even your best friend? A fun game filled with conversation starters and challenges. 


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"We haven't had these conversations in years! We've learned things we never knew about each other. This was a perfect way to get to know our family, friends, and even our lover better."

Does everyone really know each other? 

Not only are these cards full of conversation starters, but they're also designed so that you can make this a game to see who knows who better!

Get ready to compete against your family, friends, or your lover to see who really knows each other best.

Learn about each other and build new memories as you answer interesting questions, spark conversations and perform silly challenges together.   

Perfect for your own enjoyment, or as a thoughtful gift for multiple occasions. 

Great for Kids, Teens, and Adults

  1. Each edition contains: 
  2. 1st round for 20 cards
  3. 2nd round for 20 cards
  4. 3rd round for 10 cards
  5. Age: 14+ 
  6. Players: 4 +
  7. Time: 1 Hour per game