Giant Inflatable Mojito


Giant Inflatable Mojito

Width: 70   -   Height: 15
Length: 180

Kick back and relax with this fantastic giant inflatable mojito cocktail water, pool and beach float! 


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Experience the summer with our cool air mattress Mojito. For the bathing fun at the lake, in the pool or at the sea, the inflatable cocktail glass is an absolute summer must-have. Spread the holiday mood and let the Mojito pool mattress float you on the water. In addition to enthusiastic looks, the floating cocktail glass provides relaxed bathing fun for young and old. Do not wait any longer and get this water mattress for your unique bathing experience!

The inflatable air mattress Mojito is a pool mattress in the form of an oversized cocktail glass with a summer Mojito print. The mattress is made of plastic and has a high quality finish, which means it can withstand loads of up to 90 kg. The dimensions are approx. 170 x 90 cm..