Mug: Super Important Meeting


Mug: Super Important Meeting

Spectacular for that morning coffee at home or your office


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Chances are you hate meetings. Especially meetings could be avoided by sending a simple e-mail.

Yeah, this meeting was so good and productive. I can't wait to attend ten more meetings this week." - said no one

Before the first employer starts fainting… of course, there is a certain value to meetings. A well-planned one can work wonders and help all the participants. Except, most meetings are... neither of those things, right?

As the "Super Important Meeting" Mug correctly points out, most meetings are important to the owners.

But if it was avoided by a simple e-mail, then you wouldn't enjoy coffee in this mug with little snacks. 

Sigh… Why is it so many bosses seem to have a meeting fetish?!

Technical details:

    Care and maintenance:  Not safe for dishwashers, but safe for microwave

    Liquid capacity: choose between 330 and 430 ml

    Material: Ceramic

    Size: 11.5cm x 10cm