Must Backpack Monochrome

Must Backpack Monochrome

Change your backpack, change your mood, choose a MONOCHROME JEAN Must-backpack!!


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The MUST BACKPACK MONOCHROME JEAN BLACK 3 COMPARTMENTS is a unique choice for all ages and for all moments of the day. Comfortable, stylish and distinct, made of excellent fabric, fits all you need! black color, with 3 compartments MUST BACKPACK MONOCHROME JEAN includes: multiple pockets, reinforced straps, ergonomic back, reflective straps, plastic handle, side pockets, 16 “laptop case, USB cable port and headphone port! 

Every Must backpack, from its concept, design, production and until it reaches the stores, it is a challenge for us to produce a product as special and particular as any person who will choose it so as to share with that all everyday life’s moments!