Pink Bottle: Your Big Dreams


Pink Bottle: Your Big Dreams

The best thermos bottle to keep your water cool and coffee warm


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Most people have or are familiar with the "Thermos" (also known as a vacuum bottle). I can remember as a kid having one that came with my lunch box. One day my mother might put grape juice in it and at lunch, I would have nice, cold grape juice. The next day she would put hot tea in it and I would have hot tea for lunch. And I can remember asking, "How does it know whether to keep stuff hot or cold?" Where's the switch, in other words...

The layers are typically made from stainless steel

The best thermos can keep liquids hot or cold for a long time – over 12 hours in some cases. Look for a two-layer construction with an intermediate vacuum layer. This prevents heat loss by convection and conduction.

Our Bottles are one of our favorite thermoses as they can be used effectively at your office site, during travel, or even in your kitchen overnight so your drink is piping hot for the next day morning.

The unique vacuum seal design can prevent effective leakage.

Bottle capacity: 500 ml.
Size: 22.5 x 6 cm