Playcolor Face Painting Robot

Playcolor Face Painting Robot

You will be able to draw and paint in an easier, cleaner, and more fun way.


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Thanks to the 3-in-1 pack you can create your own universe on the theme of the robot.

Content of the pack: (1x MAKE UP + 1x PLAY COLOR TEXTIL ONE + 1x T-Shirt). 

1x makeup: 3 pieces ROBOT

Paraben-free makeup stick with easy and safe use.

Covering colors, quick-drying, easy and gentle application.

Cosmetic quality. Complies with European Legislation for cosmetic products: 1223/2009 / CE.
European Register of Cosmetics CPNP. Ref. 1875609.
Manufacturing according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

- Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.
- Free from the main allergens.
- Without parabens.
- Without greases, it does not require makeup remover for cleaning.
- The skin is easily washable with water or soap.

1x PLAYCOLOR TEXTIL ONE: 6 Sticks of solid gouache paint 10 g

6 assorted colors to decorate fabrics.
Place a cardboard under the fabric to decorate, holding it tight, without creases, then paint and decorate the fabric to your taste. Once dry, place a sheet of paper on the front and back of the design and pass the hot iron for 3-4 minutes to fix it. Once fixed, it can be machine washed up to 60 ÂșC.

- No water or brush required.
- Pressing gently gives a wax appearance and strongly pressing a gouache appearance.
- Strong covering power.
- Brilliant colors.
- Satin appearance.
- This product does not crease the paper and does not require any varnish.
- Fast drying.

You will be able to draw and paint in an easier, cleaner and more fun way.

This product is to be applied directly, without adding water.

1x T-Shirt size 6-10 years