Sketchbook A4: Fannan And A Bit Messy


Sketchbook A4: Fannan And A Bit Messy

You never know when a great idea will spark, or where it will lead. From quick sketches to fully finished artwork, a sketchbook goes where your creativity takes you! 


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The art of drawing and the different presentation styles are in a constant state of flux. Consequently, we take time to listen to what artists have to say and which of our products we can further develop and improve for them. Our new sketchbooks are the result of extensive input from our sketching community. Our sketchbooks not only offer improved paper quality, but they also come in new formats to encourage further creative activities. We provided more scope for artistic creativity such as drawing, portraiture, sketching, doodling, and shading.   

Artists have a wealth of tools at their disposal to create magical art pieces, and it’s important to pair these tools with the right art surface for them to shine. 

Blank pages for sketching are frequently used by artists for drawing or painting as a part of their creative process.

The finish of the work found in the sketchbook varies widely from artist to artist, with some having very simple drawings and lots of notes, and some having highly worked images.