Study Planner: Let Us Over Organize...


Study Planner: Let Us Over Organize...

Stay organized and on top of your studying with this planner which has been designed with students in mind. 


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The daily study planner desk notepad to help organize your studies to help in obtaining better grades! Perfect for students of all ages and subjects!

This daily study desk planner contains 52 sheets for your study plan. 80gsm high-quality writing paper presents a soft and smooth touch, undated so you can use it at any time of any year, writing everything down will always make you feel better for a minute.

This cute and useful study planner allows you to tear out any page and display it on a binder, notebook, wall, or clipboard. 

  • Daily study planner
  • 52 sheets
  • 1 day per 1 sheet
  • Easy tear-out
  • Material: 80gsm paper
  • Dimension: 21X 14.85 cm