To-Do List: There Is No One Like Mama


To-Do List: There Is No One Like Mama

Our newest size notepad will help keep Mom organized! 


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Lists are one of the keys to success. Take it from us. As mother worker, you would be lost without our to-do list.

You may even have a monthly to-do list without even realizing it. If there are certain things that you do every month or on the first day of the month, like changing your air filters or swapping out your contact lenses, then you’re already halfway there!

Each new day, a list of tasks awaits you. Some of them are more interesting than others. Nevertheless, the importance of completing these tasks is undisputed, especially if they build on a daily basis.

This to-do list pad helps you stay organized and on track. Ideal for quickly jotting down grocery lists, to-do lists, bill reminders, and notes to ensure on top of your busy schedule at school, work, or home.  

The Perfect Size of a memo pad measures 21 x 8 cm; with 80 pages inside perfectly sized for your backpack, purse, tote, or laptop bag.