Travel Cup: Meshoire Beirut


Travel Cup: Meshoire Beirut

A great choice for carrying around Beirut City.


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Trust us, we take our recommendation for the best travel coffee mugs very seriously. The mug is easy to hold and comfortable to sip from. It keeps beverages nice and warm, thanks to that trusty double wall of stainless steel vacuum insulation. However, it might leak a little when tipped upside down. We wouldn't trust it when tossed in a bag and jostled around during a train commute, though it would sit nicely in a car's cup holder.

The working world (ours anyway) runs on caffeine, and for many coffee drinkers, that caffeine fix has to be satisfied on the go.  

If you've been holding out on buying a high-end insulated tumbler and are still sipping from paper cups from the coffee shop, now is the time to change that.

Not dishwasher safe, easy to hand wash and scrub manually.