Twisted Fingers Game - Mini-Twister Game


Twisted Fingers Game - Mini-Twister Game

 Let the challenge begins.


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Now, while typical Twister game rules apply, we have been coming up with some variations on the theme.  

Finger Warm-Ups:
First off, this can be a one-person game and a great warm-up finger stretcher for anyone learning guitar/piano/intensive finger activity. Simply put one hand to the board and spin/roll die with the other.  Keep it up as long as you can, or set a timer, or go so many spins/rolls.

Two-Person Challenges / Drinking Game:
If two people are facing off, then you can call out a challenge every time a certain finger or color (or one of each) comes up.  This is a good way to make a drinking game out of it.  Consider every middle finger called out being time to take a drink.  Go an extra step and have the drink being drank decided by the color (red=wine, blue=water, yellow=beer, and green=hard liquor.)  If you want a more singular drinking act, have a 'rock paper scissors' playoff with the other hand at each challenge, and the loser has to drink while continuing with the Twisted Fingers game.  

Learning Challenges:
If you happen to have a box of trivia nearby, let the challenge be answering questions for 'points'.  If you want to use this for a learning game for kids, have the challenge be spelling a word of a vocab list, or answering a question from a test quiz.  

Messy Game-Turned-Art!
If you laminate the card, you could have fun making a mess with some like-colored finger paint on each color circle.  After 5 spins/rolls, each person has to press their fingers to a piece of paper, creating a chain of ever-devolving color fingerprints.  Watch the primary turn to secondary turn to mud!