Board Game: Catan Base 3-4 Players

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Board Game: Catan Base 3-4 Players

Picture yourself in the era of discoveries: after a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally reached the coast of an uncharted island. 


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You have been sailing for weeks. You embarked on a quest to settle the isle of Catan! On this famous isle, raw materials and natural resources abound but competition is fierce. You are not the only settler who discovered this isle. Do you have what it takes to become the sovereign of Catan?

Reveal Catan’s many resources: coasts, plains, forests, hills, mountains and deserts. Invest resources, negotiate and expand strategically. But beware! Space will become increasingly scarce and clever trade will be a necessity. Become the best trader and guide your settlers to victory and prosperity!

Catan’s random mix creates a different board every game. It has thrilled millions of players around the world and now it is yours to enjoy!

Box Contains:

  • 19 Hexagon Terrain Tiles (4 Forest, 4 Pasture, 4 Field, 3 Hill, 3 Mountain, 1 Desert)
  • 6 Frame Pieces with 9 Harbors
  • 95 Resource Cards (19 Wood, 19 Wool, 19 Grain, 19 Brick, 19 Ore)
  • 25 Development Cards (14 Knight, 6 Progress, 5 Victory Point)
  • 4 Building Costs Cards
  • 2 Special Cards
  • 2 Card Holders
  • Figurine Pawns 4 Colors (16 Cities, 20 Settlements, 60 Roads)
  • 18 Numbered Tokens
  • 1 Pair of Dice

Language:    English and Arabic
Age:              10+
No Players:   3 - 4
Game Time:  75 min