Brain Activities: Khod Nafass


Brain Activities: Khod Nafass

Guided journal perfect for the cultivation of mindfulness and well-being.


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It's a scientific fact: You exercise your brain in the same way you work out your body. Well, you can get a double dose of mental exercise with this Khode Nafass - Brain Activities.

But beyond being good for you the mental challenges, lowering your brain age in minutes a day is a lot of fun.

Would you like to: 

Give your brain a break by distracting yourself with other activities?

Relax and have some downtime for yourself?

Temporarily forget the stress of making decisions as an adult?

If so, this book will help you
By working on different cognitive functions, the activities in this book will make you feel the burn (mentally, of course).

Inhale, Exhale. Nothing Changed. But at least you might not lose it today!

  • 30 Pages Of Activities To Decompress 
  • Size A5: 14.85x21cm