Card Game: Don t Skip It, Sibha


Card Game: Don t Skip It, Sibha

A game that encourages concentration and observation.


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If you're looking for a fun and interactive game to keep your family on their toes, Siba! is a great choice.

A clever matching game with 53 cards featuring 57 symbols in total with 8 symbols per card. Any two cards have one symbol in common that you have to find and name to win! 

You can play this game with up to 8 players, making for a great way to get the family together for a fun session.

Interactive card game for the family

  • Game Idea: Match symbols on cards to score
  • Ages: Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 2-8 Players
  • Educational Focus: Social Skills, Shapes and Colors