Card Game: L3ab Aw Shrab


Card Game: L3ab Aw Shrab

Perfect for a night of fun. New Cards mean New Dares and New Laughs to make your game last longer.


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Adults love ordinary party games too. But, what if we play the ones that put party games at another level? What if we add some drinks to the game?

Get the shots ready because L3ab aw Shrab will make you and your friends do savage challenges or get LIT. You play, but also get drunk, and the next day,  you probably might not remember what you did.

Win by completing the most challenges or lose while getting wasted. With 200 cards included in this game, you can play over and over again. Watch your friends do ridiculous dares and have the night of your life.

There’s no limit to what you might have to do; from Khali l Sha5ess yali 3a shmelak bi zakezkak l 30 senye to 3mol Duckface l se3a kemle this game features hysterical challenges that just keep getting wilder and wilder. There are "free skip" cards in this game - and let’s be clear, doing these dares will completely ruin your reputation!  Also, since we’re speaking of company, quite honestly, the experience would be slightly ruined if you have that kind of friend in the group who gets easily offended and leaves the game the moment they’re faced with a challenge. You’ll notice, you will.

Do the dares or drink - the choice is yours. This game includes 95 Dares Cards, and 5 Free Cards (with different Scores) Rules.