Card Game: L3ab Aw Chrab


Card Game: L3ab Aw Chrab

Width: 5   -   Height: 2
Length: 8.3

45 Dares, 5 Free Cards


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Perfect for a night of fun. New Cards means New Dares and New Laughs to make your game last longer. There’s no limit to what you might have to do; from Khali l Sha5ess yali 3a shmelak bi zakezkak l 30 senye to 3mol Duckface l se3a kemle this game features hysterical challenges that just keep getting wilder and wilder. There are "free skip" cards in this game - and let’s be clear, doing these dares will completely ruin your reputation! Do the dares or drink - the choice is yours. This game includes: 45 Dares Cards, 5 Free Cards (with different Scores) Rules