Rectangular Steel Frame Pools

Rectangular Steel Frame Pools

Summer, sun, bathing fun.


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Tubular Pool Jilong Rectangular 258x179x66 cm 16101EU

Jilong Pools seek the balance between price and quality.
The rectangular pools with the structure of the Jilong line are constituted by an external structure that supports and gives balance to the whole pool.
Easy to dismantle, they can be stored during the winter without any problem of space.
Available in several dimensions, they will help you to make your summer days even more pleasant.

Details of the Jilong Rectangular Tubular Pool 258x179x66 cm:
- Size: 258x179x66 cm.
- Weight: 18.5 kg.
- Capacity: 2,612 liters (90% volume).
- Filter: Cartridge filter 1,200 liters / hour.
- Color blue.